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Tactical Analysis: How Bruno Fernandes Can Be More Helpful To Manchester United

Bruno Fernandes in Manchester United

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Bruno Fernandes is one of the best players at Manchester United. Since he came to the club, he has gotten brilliant numbers of goals and assists and his role as a no.10 has greatly benefitted him.

However, unlike other no.10’s, Bruno is a player who likes to roam about a lot. He likes to go deep, move left, right, and center. This can be very positive but it sometimes gives the team an unbalance structure because when they play the ball upfield he is not in the position they need him to be and has to run many meters to get there.

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When McTominay or Fred recovers the ball and takes it further up the field, they need a player like Bruno to facilitate play and spread the ball into the wingers. This means that for Bruno to adapt more to the needs of the team, he needs to stay more in and around the 18-yard box.

Bruno is a player who hardly stays in the box and players like Van de Beek, Pogba, and even Jesse Lingard get into the box more than the Portuguese international. Some balls being played into the box are being picked up by the opposition because his nature of roaming about makes him miss some of these opportunities. We would probably all agree that Bruno is most dangerous when he is in and around the box.

This is by no means questioning his talent or hard work but football sometimes has more to do than talent. The balance has to be there to be significant progress.

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