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Tactical Analysis: Why Diogo Jota Is Excelling Under Jurgen Klopp’s System

Diogo Jota

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Liverpool fans probably didn’t expect Diogo Jota to break into the starting eleven of Liverpool, especially their electric front line on Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, and Mohammed Salah. However, Jota has deserved every minute he has been given.

What is more exciting is how he has fitted seamlessly into the structure of Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. The pressing is one of the major components of Klopp’s Liverpool and Jota has adapted to it as he has brought the habit of working tirelessly the had at Wolves into Liverpool.

Jota is a very intelligent player who likes to make runs into the space behind the opposition central defender and full-back. He is a player who knows what to do at the right time and this is what makes him lethal. His positioning is also very incredible as he likes to free up himself higher up the pitch by making penetrating runs instead of choking himself in the opposition press and getting out of tight situations, something Firmino is adept at doing.

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Jota excels a lot when there are players who can drop deep, carry the ball locate his meaningful runs into space. He could also drop back and carry the ball, but he prefers to be higher up the pitch and be on the end of excellent deliveries from the midfield. He is also very good at combining with the wing-back.
He could stay glued to the touchline while the wing-back makes runs more centrally. He could also make runs centrally to be on the end of a cross or a pass from the wing-back. However, he prefers to remain centrally for too long, because as said earlier, he loves to look for pockets of spaces, whether on the right, left, or centrally to run into. This shows how flexible he is.

Jota is also two-footed and this makes him very unpredictable. His excellent change of direction is very impressive as he uses it to lure defenders only to swiftly change direction. The acquisition of Jota by Liverpool is a very smart one and he could help them further in the long run.

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