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Cute Abiola (Ankara Gucci, Lawyer Kunle) Biography, Lifestyle, Education, Marriage, Children,

Cute Abiola Biography

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Cute Abiola is known to be a popular Nigerian Comedian, Cinematographer, and Naval Officer. Cute Abiola’s also known as Lawyer Kunle’s full name as Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin. Lawyer kunle was born and brought up by his parents in Kwara State, Nigeria.

In this update, we would be updating you on Everything you need to know about Cute Abiola (Lawyer Kunle).

We would also be updating you on Cute Abiola’s Biography, Cute Abiola’s Education, Cute Abiola’s Lifestyle, Cute Abiola’s Marriage, Cute Abiola’s Children, Cute Abiola’s Parents,

Cute Abiola’s Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin
  • Known As: Lawyer Kunle, CuteAbiola, Ankara Gucci
  • Parent’s Name:
  • Date Of Birth: April 28, 1996
  • place of birth: Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Tribe: Yoruba
  • Fiancee: Complicated
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Education: Kwara State, Nigeria
  • Occupation: Comedy, Acting, Video Creator, Naval Officer

Cute Abiola’s Biography

Cute Abiola’s Lifestyle

Lawyer Kunle was born and brought up in Kwara State, Nigeria. He is currently 25 years old.

In his life, he tends to have achieved a lot of things. His major source of income is through his Comedy.

He is said to be the first child of his father and mother.

He has succeeded a lot through his comedy videos.

Ahmad Oluwatoyin grew up with his parents and siblings in Kwara State, Nigeria.

Literally, he spent most of his life in Kwara State before heading over to Lagos State to boost his comedy career.

Some sources claimed that Cute Abiola was once arrested by the Navy.

They claim it’s because he posted with his Navy uniform through his official Instagram page to celebrate his birthday.

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Cute Abiola’s Comedy Career

Lawyer Kunle started his career while he was still in Secondary School. He was still a young boy when he had a passion for Comedy and Acting.

He became famous when he made a video on his official Instagram page to support BBNaija Bisola.

Cute Abiola is someone who loves to put smiles on the faces of people and he has tried in that field.

Fine Boy Kabi By Cute Abiola

Kabi is still Cute Abiola (Lawyer Kunle, Ankara Gucci), but it’s just another character he originated for himself.

FineBoyKabi is a TV Show that Lawyer Kunle invented that involves many stars.


Cute Abiola’s Education

Many things are not being known about his Education. But we were able to obtain some information about Cute Abiola’s Education.

He literally obtained his O’level results in Kwara State. He had his primary and secondary school education in Kwara State, Nigeria.

We would update this page once we get more information about Lawyer Kunle’s Education.

Cute Abiola’s Marriage

From our observation, Lawyer Kunle’s marriage is complicated. His marriage is a very complicated one. And also, he seems to like being secretive to his fans about his relationship.

In this storyline, he claimed to be in a relationship with one lady named Adeherself.

Later, information spread that he secretly got engaged with another woman. It went viral on social media.

Adeherself then claimed that he was never in a love relationship with Cute Abiola.

More information would be dropped when we get more updates.

Cute Abiola’s Career As A Comedian & Navy Officer

As seen earlier, CuteAbiola is currently a Navy Officer and a Comedian.

Cute Abiola joined the Navy on the 7th of March, 2018.

With the looks of issues, Cute Abiola is no longer a Navy, but a full-time Comedian.

He has once said in 2019 that he was threatened by a senior Navy officer to either choose between Comedy or the Navy.

Rewind to 2021, Cute Abiola is still doing comedy fully and that shows he is not often a Navy Officer.

Lawyer Kunle once said, “I am in serious pain. I am in great fear because I am not able to focus on my comedy career like before. I am typing this with tears and lots of depression. If not everybody. I know that some of you know that I am a Nigerian Navy Personnel.

But before I joined this job, I did not think so deep and I was carried away because of some lies I was told. Let me keep that for now! I thought as I joined the job, I would get more peace, but not knowing that I actually sold my peace away.

I thought I would be able to do my comedy and acting together with the navy job, but it’s not easy to cope with both,” Cute Abiola said.

Is Cute Abiola A Lawyer?

From observations, Cute Abiola is not a lawyer, but he is called “Lawyer Kunle” because that’s probably the nickname he gave himself.

He seems to like to be called a Lawyer. So, therefore, it’s not confirmed if Cute Abiola is a Lawyer or not.


Cute Abiola On Social Media

Lawyer Kunle (Ankara Gucci, CuteAbiola) is on social media.

You can get in touch with Cute Abiola on Instagram @thecuteabiola. He is also on Twitter @thecuteabiola.




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