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Nkechi Blessing Sunday (NBS): Biography, Husband, Age, Boyfriend, Education, Lifestyle, & Everything You Need To Know About Nkechi Blessing

Nkechi Blessing Sunday also known as NBS is a Nigerian Nollywood Curvy actress and a movie producer. Currently, Nkechi Blessing’s age is 32 years old as she was born on the 14th of February, 1989. Nkechi Blessing was brought up in Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, but she hails from Abia State in Nigeria. We will be digging deep into Nkechi Blessing Sunday BiographyNkechi Blessing Sunday HusbandNkechi Blessing Sunday BoyfriendNkechi Blessing Sunday MoviesNkechi Blessing Sunday EducationNkechi Blessing Sunday LifestyleNkechi Blessing Sunday CarrierNkechi Blessing Sunday Children, and everything you need to know about Nkechi Blessing Sunday.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday Biography

Who is Nkechi Blessing Sunday? Nkechi Blessing Sunday is a Nigerian citizen who hails from Abia State in Nigeria. Nkechi Blessing is also a Nigerian Actress, Movie Producer, and Instagram Influencer. Even though she was born in Abia State, Nkechi grew up in Surulere, Lagos as she seems to be more fluent in Yoruba than any other language.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday Husband


No sources have said that Nkechi Blessing Sunday is married, but the question is Has Nkechi Blessing Sunday been married? Nkechi Blessing is not married to any man because she has not officially claimed she is married.

Nkechi Blessing  Sunday Boyfriend


With Nkechi Blessing Sunday not being married to any man officially, she has not also said that she is officially in a relationship with any man, dating any man, or has a boyfriend. However, she at times claims on social media that she has someone eating her work.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday Children


The same goes for NBS’s relationship as she is not officially a mother to any child. Though she might be a mother, she has never said anything like that.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday Education

There’s no doubt that Nkechi Blessing is highly educated. Nkechi Blessing allegedly attention to Olu Abiodun Nursery and Primary School, Lagos for her Primary Education. She then later moved into secondary school where she studied at Barachel Model College, Lagos State.

After her Primary and Secondary Education, Nkechi Blessing studied International Relations at The Houdegbe North American University, Benin Republic, and then later had to do a six-month course in theatre arts at the Lagos State University.


Nkechi Blessing Sunday As An Actress


It’s no longer a new thing that Nkechi Blessing Sunday has been officially an Actress for years. Nkechi Blessing’s dream of being an actress came into existence when she met Kemi Korede back in 2008. Kemi Korede featured Nkechi Blessing in a movie named ‘Omo Bewaji’ which was probably her first major movie. After she finished the movie ‘Omo Bewaji,’ her performance was very outstanding and that got her to be sighted by other movie producers. Later, Nkechi was also featured in a movie titled ‘Through the Fire’ which was a role in Emem Isong’s movie as this happened after she met Emeka Duru.

Later still, her reign of popularity came up in 2012 when she was featured in the movie ‘Kafila Omo Ibadan.’ As if that was not enough. Her acting career was then boosted more when she produced her first movie named ‘Omoge Lekki’ which was written by another Popular Actress, Mercy Aigbe. The movie ‘Omoge Lekki’ is a movie that talks deeply about the story of ladies in the Lekki area of Lagos State living fake lives while they prove they are real.

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Nkechi Blessing Sunday Movies

Nkechi Blessing has acted in a lot of movies since she started her movie career over a decade ago. With that, Nkechi Blessing has produced the following movies:

  • Fiditi
  • Church girls
  • Don
  • Omoge Lekki
  • and many more.

She has then been featured in the following movies:

  • Through the fire
  • Omo Bewaji
  • The document
  • Alakada
  • When hell freezes
  • Weight of guilt
  • Unrequited
  • Kafila Omo Ibadan
  • and many more films that she has acted in since her career began decades ago.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday Lifestyle and Carrier

Nkechi seems to be the type of lady who loves to cruise a lot and also enjoys her life to the fullest. Glancing through her Instagram page, you would accept the fact that she’s that type of person. Nkechi Blessing is also an influencer as she promotes products for big brands.

Nkechi Blessing Networth


Nkechi Blessing has never released her net worth or she has never said the real figure. However, NKechi is the type that flaunts her riches on Social Media showing her big vehicles and more rich things. But when we looked into it, we saw that Nkechi Blessing would be worth over $100,000. She would be worthing about it because she promotes big brands on her Instagram page where she recently claimed that she promotes per post for #250,000 and she seems to frequently be promoting brands as they keep patronizing her. She doesn’t only get her money from that as she also earns from her acting business whereby she has acted in several films and also produced several films.

Nkechi Blessing Sunday Photos


Finally, on this, the curvy Nkechi Blessing Sunday seems to be a successful Actress if you glance through Nkechi Blessing Biography here very well.



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