Mabel Makun’s Biography: 7 Things You Need To Know About Her As She Get’s Older

Mabel Makun is a very popular Nigerian celebrity, Interior Designer, and entrepreneur in Nigeria as she’s known to be married to Ayo Makun (who is a celebrity, Actor, Movie Producer, and Comedian). A lot has to be talked about Mabel Makun, but this article is not looking deep into Mabel Makun’s biography, rather it’s looking into 7 things you ought and need to know about Mabel Makun as she has turned 35 years old today.


7 Important Things You Need To Know About Mabel Makun

1. Mabel Makun is known to be the Mother of Michelle Makun

2. Mabel Makun is the husband of Ayo Makun who is known to be a famous figure in the Entertainment Industry both as an Actor and Comedian

3. Different sources reveal that Mabel Makun worth more than $450,000

4. Mabel Makun is a professional Interior Designer and a Nigerian Entrepreneur

5. Wikipedia confirms that Mabel Makun has been married to Ayo Makun for over 12 years

6. Mabel Makun officially has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Arts in London

7. She has never gone for or undergone any surgery of any kind as she has confirmed that by herself

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