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BBNaija Lilo Aderogba Biography, Boyfriend, Lifestyle, Children, Education, Age, Parents, (Everything You Need To Know About Lilo)

Lilo is known to be a former BBNaija housemate who seems to be very beautiful. Who is Lilo Aderogba? Lilo Aderogba’s full name is Boluwatife Lilo Aderogba. She is a Nigerian native of Osun State, but she was born in Lagos State, Nigeria.

We have assembled this information to analyze everything you need to know about BBNaija Lilo. Lilo Biography, Lilo Boyfriend, Lilo Networth, Lilo Father, Lilo Mother, Lilo Children, Lilo Husband, Lilo in BBNaija, Lilo Job, Lilo Business, Lilo Education, Lilo Lifestyle, and many more things about Lilo that we’ll be analyzing in this update.

Lilo Aderogba Biography


Who is Lilo Aderogba Boluwatife? As said earlier, Lilo Aderogba is known to be a former BBNaija housemate who hails from the Osun State in Nigeria but was born in Lagos State. Lilo Aderogba is known to be a Dietician whose specialization is in Weight Loss Therapy. Lilo is also known to be an Entrepreneur and Entertainer in Nigeria. She usually describes herself as a product of God’s grace.’ Lilo Aderogba is someone who is known to love taking photos/pictures, surfing through the Internet, reading books, and traveling all around the world.

Lilo Aderogba Education


Lilo is a Nigerian-born girl who completed and Primary and Secondary Education in Lagos, Nigeria. The school (Primary and Secondary) Lilo attended is not known, but we know of the fact that she attended her Primary and Secondary School in Lagos, Nigeria. Lilo then proceeded to Babcock University in Ogun State where she then finished her University Education and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (BSc.) where she studied Food and Nutrition.

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Lilo Aderogba Boyfriend


A lot of people would love to know who is Lilo’s Boyfriend. But the fact remains that for now, Lilo is not known to have an official boyfriend. Lilo might have a boyfriend without disclosing it, but she has not disclosed anything about her love life or relationship life.

Lilo Aderogba Age


Lilo is a Nigerian-born girl who was born on the 6th of February, 1997. So the question, When was Lilo born is answered as Lilo was born on the 6th of February, 1997.


Lilo Aderogba Parent

It’s a sure thing that Lilo Aderogba’s parents are still alive and well-doing, but kind of, unfortunately, Lilo doesn’t like flaunting her family life on social media or the Internet. With that, Lilo’s father and mother are not known as Lilo has refused to disclose that information.

Once we get the information, this will be updated immediately.

What Lilo Aderogba loves doing (Lilo’s Hobby)



Lilo Aderogba always looks very beautiful every time she’s around anywhere you see her. With that, Lilo is someone who loves taking photos, she also loves using perfumes, Lilo also loves reading books, she loves surfing through the internet, she looks stunning in beautiful dresses, and she loves to travel and move all around the world to learn new things.

Lilo Aderogba’s Net Worth

Lilo Aderogba is probably one of the richest Nigerian Dieticians. Currently, Lilo is worth more than $40,000 her net worth

Lilo Aderogba Photos/Gallery


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