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Asake Biography, Songs, Lifestyle, Girlfriend, Music Career, Education, Profile & Everything To Know About The Consistent Asake

Who is Asake? Asake is a famous popular Nigerian musician, Afrobeats singer, and songwriter who has been making it in the music industry recently. Asake’s full name is Ahmed Ololade. Asake was born on the 13th of January 1995. Asake uses some elements of Fuji in his songs. He also uses Amapiano-styled production and uptempo Afro. There are a lot of things you need to know about Asake Biography.

In this update, we’ll be digging into everything you need to know about Asake Biography, Asake Girlfriend, Asake Lifestyle, Asake Children


  • Full Name: Ahmed Ololade
  • Known As: Asake, Asake Music, Mr. Money
  • Parent’s Name: Mr & Mrs. Ololade
  • Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria
  • State Of Origin: 
  • Girlfriend: Unknown
  • Date Of Birth: 13th of January, 1995
  • Age: 27-year-old
  • Tribe: Yoruba
  • Fiance: Unknown
  • Occupation: Afrobeat Singer and Songwriter
  • Religion: Islam
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Education: 



How old is Asake? Asake is currently 27 years old. Asake is currently in his 20s and he has been making it in the industry.

What’s Asake’s date of birth? Asake was born on the 13th of January, 1995.


Asake was born on the 13th of January, 1995. He was given the name Ahmed Ololade by his parents when he was born. As Asake is 27 years old, he started his lifestyle and career as a dancer. Asake was majorly specialized in cultural dance. Back when Asake was in high school, he used his talent in cultural dance to perform at school events. Asake’s performance and talent amazed many of his school teachers and mates.

Different sources reveal that Ahmed Ololade got his name ‘Asake’ from cultural dance. As Asake was moving on, he decided to venture into singing alongside dancing. He had a very good voice that thrilled people whenever he sang. Asake was also drumming back in school as he was a dancer and a singer.

When Asake is not creating music or performing in shows, he plays snooker games, tennis, and football.


Asake has been in love with music since his tender age. He began music professionally in 2015. Asake was performing at events and shows across Nigeria as a backup singer for Broda Shaggi’s band.

Asake released a single titled “Star” in 2019, in which he collaborated with Broda Shaggi to release it. This encouraged Asake to release another music single in January 2020 titled “Lady.” Asake’s Lady went viral on social media as some content creators even used it as background music in their videos. Some influencers also liked and reposted the song on their page. Influencers and musicians like Syndey Talker, Broda Shaggi, and many others used the song to create content. Asake’s Lady was recorded with the production credited to Blaque Beats.

The afrobeat musician, Asake also released another single titled “Mr. Money” in 2020. Asake’s Mr. Money also went viral then. Sources claim that it went viral than his singles titled Star and Lady.

Asake went on to remix a song with Zlatan and Peruzzi. Before Asake was signed into YBNL records, he released some more music like “Yan Yan” and “Medusa.”

Grace founded Asake majorly in 2022. Asake dropped a single titled “Omo Ope” in 2022, and it went viral than others. Famous Nigerian Musician, Olamide got to listen to the son and recorded his verse to Asake’s singles. Olamide was later featured in Asake’s singles, “Omo Ope.” This was where Asake made his way to getting signed in YBNL records.

Which record label is Asake signed into? Asake is signed into the YBNL record label. He is part of the YBNL family. He was announced as the latest signee of YBNL on the 8th of February 2022. In July 2022, Asake signed a distribution deal with Empire.

After being signed into YBNL, Asake released his debut Extended Play (EP) titled “Ololade Asake” which consists of four hit tracks titled:

  • Omo Ope
  • Baba God
  • Trabaye
  • Sungba

Asake kept on making waves in the music industry. Asake started becoming popular when he was signed into YBNL Records by Olamide.

On the 28th of March, 2022, Asake collaborated with Burna Boy (Grammy Award Winner) in which he released the remix of Sungba.

On the 13th of May, 2022, Asake was featured on DJ Spinall’s song titled “Palazzo.” The visuals of DJ Spinall’s single, “Palazzo” were directed and shot by TG Omori.

When was “Peace Be Unto You (PBUY) by Asake released? Asake released his single titled “Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)” on the 16th of June, 2022. The singles have gotten many streams from various music platforms.

On September 8, 2022, Asake released his debut studio album titled, “Mr. Money With The Vibe” seven months after he released his debut EP. Asake’s debut studio album has made records in Nigeria and globally. Asake’s debut music album was No. 96 on the Canadian Album Chart and also No. 66 on the US Billboard 200.

What is Asake’s musical style? Asake’s musical style is Fuji. He also uses Amapiano-styled production and uptempo Afro.

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  • Lady
  • Star
  • Body
  • Gegeti
  • Gbale Lo
  • Trabaye
  • Baba God
  • Kanipe
  • Grind
  • Ayeeza
  • Payin
  • African Something
  • Mr. Money
  • Mr. Money With The Vibe
  • Peace Be Unto You (PBUY)
  • Omo Ope
  • Omo Ope Remix (featuring Olamide)
  • Sungba
  • Sungba Ft. Burna Boy
  • Dull
  • Terminator
  • Organise
  • Dupe
  • Muse
  • Joha
  • Nzaza
  • Ototo
  • Sunmomi
  • Reason ft. Russ


Is Asake educated? Yes, Asake is very educated. Asake had his degree at Obafemi Awolowo University where he studied Theater & Performing Arts. There’s no information on the Primary and Secondary Schools Ahmed Ololade went to.


Who is Asake Girlfriend? Currently, Asake is single and has not officially said he is in a relationship with any woman. Though some sources claimed Asake is married with children secretly, he has not officially said that. Therefore, Asake does not have any girlfriend nor is Asake married.


How many children does Asake have? As of this moment, Asake does not have any children. Asake has not disclosed to the public if he has any children, but from the information at our disposal, Asake does not have any children.


What is Asake’s net worth? Asake’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000. Sources claim that Asake’s net worth has put him among the best earners in the music industry.

How does Asake earn his money? Asake earns his money from creating quality music, performing in events across Nigeria, performing in leading shows, hosting parties and concerts, royalties generated by his songs, and performance gigs.

Currently, he owns a fleet of cars, Range Rovers, a Benz, a mansion house, and many other appreciating and depreciating properties.


What’s Asake’s Instagram username? Asake is on Instagram and he is with the username @AsakeMusic

What’s Asake’s TikTok username? Asake creates content almost regularly on TikTok. He is on TikTok with the username @AsakeMusic

What’s Asake’s Twitter username? Asake is on Twitter and you can find him on @AsakeMusic


Asake has won a couple of awards since he began his music career. He has also been nominated for some. Below are the nominations and awards of Asake:

  • Asake was nominated for Street Music of the Year in 2020 by City People Music Award
  • Asake won Popular Song of the Year for his single “Mr. Money” in 2020 by City People Music Award
  • Asake won Best Collabo for the “Mon Cheri” song in 2020 at the City People Music Award


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