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Tonto Dikeh Biography: Lifestyle, Career, Husband, Child, & Every Interesting Fact To Know

Tonto Dikeh Biography

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Who is Tonto Dikeh? Tonto Dikeh is known to be a popular Nigerian Singer, Writer, Politician, Humanitarian, and Actress. Tonto Dikeh was born on the 9th of June, 1985. She, unfortunately, lost her mother at the age of 3. There’s more to know about Tonto Dikeh biography.

At the age of 15, Tonto Dikeh started her foundation called ‘Tonto Dikeh Foundation.’ Get to know more about The Tonto Dikeh Foundation here.

In this update, we’ll be digging deep into every fact you need to know about Tonto Dikeh, Tonto Dikeh biography, Tonto Dikeh lifestyle, Tonto Dikeh’s career, Tonto Dikeh music career, Tonto Dikeh acting career, Tonto Dikeh boyfriend, Tonto Dikeh fiance, Tonto Dikeh education, Tonto Dikeh foundation, movies Tonto Dikeh has acted in, Tonto Dikeh surgery, Tonto Dikeh net worth, Tonto Dikeh’s husband, Tonto Dikeh’s children, and every other thing you ought to know.

Tonto Charity Dikeh’s Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Tonto Wigo Charity Dikeh
  • Known As: Poco, King Tonto, Tontolet, Mama King
  • Place Of Birth:
  • Date Of Birth: 9th June 1985
  • State Of Origin: Rivers State
  • Parent’s Name: Mr. Sunny Dikeh and Mrs. Veronica Dikeh
  • Tribe: Ikwerre
  • Age: 37-year-old
  • Children: King Andre Dikeh
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Fiance: Unknown
  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Petrochemical Engineering at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology
  • Occupation: Actress, Singer, Politician, Humanitarian, Writer
  • Nationality: Nigerian

Tonto Dikeh Biography

Tonto Dikeh Biography
Tonto Dikeh Biography

Tonto Dikeh Biography: Lifestyle

Tonto Dikeh was born on the 9th of June, 1985. She hails from the Ikwerre area which is Obio-Akpor which is a local government in Rivers State, Nigeria.

The actress was born into a family of seven in which she is the third out of five children.

Tonto Dikeh was brought up by her stepmother who has two children. Her biological mother died when she was three years old and then Mr. Sunny Dikeh got married to another woman. The other woman raised Tonto Dikeh.

Her father’s name is Sunny Dikeh while her mother’s name is Veronica Dikeh.

People call Tonto Dikeh several nicknames like Tontolet, Mama King, Poko, and King Tonto, amongst others.

Tonto Dikeh started off as a model at her university before entering the Nigerian Movie Industry (Nollywood)

Currently, we can call Tonto Dikeh a politician. She has been announced as the Deputy Governorship candidate under ADC (African Democratic Congress) for the 2023 Rivers State Governorship election.

Tonto Dikeh Biography: Education

Actress Tonto Dikeh graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Petrochemical Engineering. After she finished secondary school, Tonto Dikeh proceeded to the Rivers State University of Science and Technology.

Tonto Dikeh Biography: “Tonto Dikeh Foundation”

Wigo Charity Dikeh has since established a foundation that offers women psychological help. The foundation is called the “Tonto Dikeh Foundation.” It also helps women to fight against injustice.

One out of all the achievements the Tonto Dikeh Foundation has achieved is that it helped the Makurdi flood victims with financial support.

They also award scholarships to students who don’t have enough funds to attend University.

Among many others, the company also assists abuse victims in one way or another.

The Tonto Dikeh Foundation was founded over 23 years ago by a famous actress.

Tonto Dikeh Biography: Acting Career

Tonto Dikeh has had a passion for acting alongside music since she was very young.

At the age of 20, she started her acting career in the Entertainment Industry. This happened after she came up on the TV program called “The Next Movie Star.”

Fortunately for Tonto Dikeh, she won The Next Movie Star competition and proceeded to register for the “Actors Guild of Nigeria.”

The first role or movie she featured in was in the “Tea and Coffee” movie in the year 2006.

Tonto Dikeh was criticized when she acted in the Dirty Secrets movie due to the massive adult scenes that it has. Others also commended her for her professionalism in that movie.

The Dirty Secrets movie that was released in 2006 gave Tonto Dikeh more lovers and a massive fanbase.

Tonto Dikeh Biography
Tonto Dikeh

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Tonto Dikeh Biography: Movies

The popular actress and singer, Tonto Dikeh has featured in several movies since she joined the industry.

She is known by many to be an experienced actor. Her performance in movies has shown that she is hardworking and talented.

Reports have it that Tonto Dikeh has been featured in over 250 movies.

  • Pounds and Dollars
  • Tea or Coffee
  • Games Fools Play
  • Insecurity
  • Missing Rib
  • Divine Grace
  • 7 Graves
  • Final Hour
  • Away Match
  • Crisis In Paradise
  • Total Love
  • The Plain Truth
  • Strength To Strength
  • Love My Way
  • Before The Fall
  • Native Son
  • Dangerous Beauty
  • Missing Child
  • Dirty Secret
  • My Fantasy
  • Blackberry Babes
  • Re-loaded
  • Criminal Window 1
  • Criminal Window 2
  • Then Terror of a Widow 1
  • Then Terror of a Widow 2
  • Battle of the Queens
  • Throne of War
  • Zara
  • Secret Mission
  • Last Mission
  • Mortal Desire
  • Family Disgrace
  • Miss Maradonna
  • Rush Hour
  • Fatal Mistake

Tonto Dikeh Biography: Music Career

It might be safe to say Tonto Dikeh is more of an actress than a musician.

Is Tonto Dikeh a musician? Tonto Wigo Charity Dikeh is a very talented musician in Nigeria. Her first single was released in 2012 titled “Hi.”

What Genre of music is Tonto Dikeh into? She is into R&B and pop.

Tonto has released several singles and recordings since she began in the Music Industry.

After her first singles in 2012, she also released her first album which was splendid to her fans.

Tonto Dikeh was signed into the DB record label in the year 2014. Though she didn’t last long there, she accomplished her mission.

In 2014, she released several singles like ‘Sugar Rush,’ ‘Ekebe,’ and many others in which the founder of DB records, D’Banj was featured.

In 2015, Tonto Dikeh successfully signed out from DB records.

  • Hi (First released singles of Tonto Dikeh)
  • Ekebe
  • Sugar Rush
  • Crazically Fit
  • Itz Ova
  • Jeje
  • Sheba

Tonto Dikeh Biography: Surgery

Did Tonto Dikeh ever do plastic surgery? Yes! She confirmed it herself that she once did that for her body shape and six figures.

Tonto Dikeh confirmed this in an interview with The Cable.

She explained that her being unable to have a curvy shape was what led her to do the plastic surgery.

The actress explained in the interview that doing plastic surgery has made her more confident than before.

She once stated, “Almost everyone knows before now that my physique wasn’t always right. If I had denied undergoing plastic surgery, fans would come trolling me for not revealing the truth.”

Tonto Dikeh explained that she is not like some other African women that deny having plastic surgery when they know they did such.

She said she likes herself and her shape more after the surgery.

Tonto Dikeh Biography: Children

Currently, the popular singer has a child named King Andre Dikeh. Andre was born on the 17th of February, 2016.

Olakunle Churchill is the biological father of King Andre Dikeh even though Churchill and the Tonto Dikeh are separated.

Tonto Dikeh Biography: Husband/Boyfriend/Fiance

Who is Tonto Dikeh’s boyfriend/fiance? As of this date, Tonto Dikeh does not have any boyfriends. She is focused on her child and her career. She once had a fiance named Joseph Egbri better known as Prince Kpokpogri after the separation from her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill.

Why did Kpokpogri end things with Tonto Dikeh? Joseph Egbri Kpokpogri claimed that he left Tonto Dikeh because of her bad drinking and hard smoking habit. Though, reports have it that the relationship ended because Kpokpogri had nude photos and sex tapes of Usiwo Orezimena Jane popular known as JAMENENA who is a popular dancer. They broke up in September 2021.

Kpokpogri once sued Tonto Dikeh and The DSS (Department of State Security) for allegedly threatening his fundamental human rights.

Is Tonto Wigo Dikeh married? Tonto Dikeh is not married but was once married to the nephew of the former president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo. She was once married to Olakunle Oladunni Churchill.

Why and when did Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill divorce? Unfortunately, Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill parted ways in 2017. This happened due to allegations of domestic abuse and extramarital affairs.

Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill got married in 2015 in Tonto Dikeh’s hometown in River State, Nigeria.

They met themselves in Lagos State, Nigeria, at a nightclub.

Tonto Dikeh is said to have been pregnant before her wedding ceremony in 2015 with Olakunle Churchill and that’s the reason why she didn’t do a white wedding ceremony.

Tonto Dikeh Biography: Net Worth

What is Tonto Dikeh’s net worth? Reports have it that Tonto Dikeh estimated net worth is $1.6 million. She has been able to acquire this through Endorsement deals, released singles, and her splendid acting career, alongside many others.

She also obtains a mansion in Aso Drive, Abuja, Nigeria.

Different sources claim that Tonto Dikeh owns a 2016 GMC Yukon XL, a 2017 Lexus 570, a Mercedes Benz 4matic C300, a Bentley Continental TXL, and a Toyota Prado TXL, and other beautiful and strong vehicles.

Tonto Dikeh Biography: Endorsement Deals

Tonto Dikeh Biography
Tonto Dikeh

How many endorsement deals has Tonto Dikeh obtained? The number of endorsement deals the singer has obtained is not known, but it’s more than half a dozen.

Below are some bagged Endorsement deals of Tonto Dikeh

  • Ambassador to a property firm in Numatville, Abuja (5th February 2016)
  • Appointed a brand ambassador to skincare and beauty brand named Pels International (9th January 2018)
  • Brand ambassador to perfume line named Sapphire Scents (8th March 2018)
  • Bagged an endorsement deal with NAPTIP (National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons) on the trafficking of humans (27th April 2018)
  • Bagged a 100 million naira deal with Zikel Cosmetic (23rd May 2019)
  • Appointed as brand ambassador for Amstel Malta (24th March 2019)

Who is Amstel Malta’s brand ambassador? Tonto Dikeh. She bagged the ambassadorial deal on the 24th of March, 2019.

Tonto Dikeh Biography: Social Media Handles

What is Tonto Dikeh’s Instagram handle? Tonto Dikeh is on Instagram and with the username @tontolet. She currently has over 7.4 million followers.



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