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Who is Odumodublvck? From Odumodublvck biography, he is known to be a popular Nigerian rapper and songwriter. Odumodublvck’s real name is Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu.

Odumodublvck is known by many to be a member of the hip-hop collective Anti-World Gangstars. Odumodublvck is known to be the only child of his parents. He describes himself as the ‘Talk & Do’ musician, that is, he says what he wants and gets it done by force.

In this update, we’d be digging deep into Odumodublvck’s biography, Odumodublvck Girlfriend, Odumodublvck real name, Odumodublvck Music, Odumodublvck Age, Odumodublvck family, Odumodublvck net worth, Odumodublvck relationship, Odumodublvck state of origin, FAQ’s about Odumodublvck


Full Name: Tochukwu Gbugbemi Ojogwu

Parent’s Name: 

Known As: Ekelebe Stunner, Ekelebe Runner, Odumodublvck, Big Gun, Big Kala

Date Of Birth: 18th of October, 1993

Place of Birth: Lagos State, Nigeria

Age: 29 years old

Occupation: Rapper and Songwriter

Religion: Christianity

Tribe: Igbo

Nationality: Nigerian

Girlfriend: Single

Education: Studied Mass Communication at the University of Lagos



From Odumodublvck biography, he is a Nigerian rapper who hails from Enugu State, Nigeria. The musician is known for his captivating stage performance and is a member of the hip-hop collective Anti World Gangstars. Odumodublvck currently resides in Abuja, even though he was residing in Lagos in the past.

He claimed that he lives in Abuja because the competition of Music in Lagos is too much, so he moved his music to Abuja.

Odumodublvck moved or relocated to Abuja at the age of 7 with his parents and family. He spent his early years in Lagos State, Nigeria.

One of Odumodu’s motivations is Lionel Messi winning the World Cup. He explained in an interview that seeing Lionel Messi lose four finals and later win at age 35 is a lot just like Abraham in the bible.

Odumodublvck, even though he is a musician and even though he loves music has great plans for acting. He hopes to be acting very soon. Odumodu is also a Writer and hopes to keep writing movies.

Odumodublvck is a Christian and he is someone who likes talking about the bible and the stories in the bible.

Odumodublvck used to have the stage name, ‘T Flows’, but he claimed the name was too basic for his career, so he got angry one day and named himself ODUMODUBLVCK while recording in a studio.

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Odumodublvck’s full name is Tochukwu Gbubemi Ojogwu.


Odumodublvck’s age is 29 years old. Odumodu was born on the 18th of October, 1993.


Odumodublvck’s State of Origin is Enugu State, Nigeria.


Odumodublvck being the only child of his parents currently doesn’t have a father. His father died of cancer and his mother is currently still alive. Odumodu’s father was never in support of his Music.

Odumodu’s mother gave birth to him at the age of 39. Odumodu always followed his mother to many places like the supermarket, salon, and others. Odumodu also provides for his parents.


Odumodublvck’s music career is quite interesting as he majorly rose to fame in 2022. Odumodublvck got his music career name ‘ODUMODU’ while he was in his second year of junior high school.

One significant person in Odumodu’s career are Skepta and Zlatan amongst others. Odumodu specially thanked Zlatan. Zlatan helped his career with his song, “Picanto”. Psycho YP was the musician who introduced Zlatan to Odumodublvck.

In 2022, he signed a record deal with NATIVE Records in collaboration with Def Jam. Such a move made a significant milestone in his career.

After he joined the record label, he released his debut single under NATIVE Records titled “Picanto” featuring ECko Miles and Zlatan on November 18, 2022.

‘Picanto’ stayed at Number 79 on the Top 100, and number 44 on Nigeria Radio. Picanto also got to Number 6 on Nigeria’s Hip-Hop chart. It also earned him his first chat entry on the Nigeria TurnTable Top 100 at number 79 and reached number 65.

When Odumodublvck talked about his song Picanto, he said he played it to his mother and she said, “We are on now, baby.”

Getting to March 2023, Odumodublvck released his first single titled “Declan Rice” on Friday 24th. He released this single after he had surgery which was worth taking his life.

Odumodu sang Declan Rice because of the love he has for the new Arsenal player, Declan Rice. Rice showed his excitement about the song.

Declan Rice Odumodublvck
Declan Rice

Odumodublvck claims that his ‘Dog Eat Dog’ song was one out of many of the other songs that he enjoyed making the most, and that’s because the song came out of GOODWILL.

Odumodublvck’s toxic trait is Impatience, but he was able to be patient to blow up in his music because he asked his friend named Agunna in 2017 about the whole music thing, and the friend said in 2022, he is going to blow in music. Generally, Odumodublvck rose to fame in 2022.

Odumodublvck’s music, he claims, is all about audacity and simplicity as his Audacity is from Rick Ross and his Simplicity is from Skepta.

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Odumodublvck’s record label is NATIVE Records. He joined the record label in 2022.


  • Dog Eat Dog
  • Big Kala
  • Potor Potor
  • Picanto
  • Zlatan – Oganigwe ft. Odumodublvck & Jeriq
  • Declan Rice


  • Declan Rice


Odumodublvck studied Mass Communications at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He graduated with a B.Sc. degree.

His experience at Unilag (University of Lagos), he said, was Beautiful and that’s because one meets different kinds of people in Unilag. To Odumodublvck, Unilag is the best university in Nigeria.

Odumodublvck attended Christ The King College at Gbagada, Lagos State where he acquired his stage name.


From reliable sources, Odumodublvck is known to not have any girlfriends. Odumodublvck has an ex or exes, and he claimed one of his exes is his friend’s sister.

Generally, Odumodublvck has been in love twice. According to Odumodu, he decided to not disclose whether he was in love or not, so basically, he is not in any relationship.

Who is Odumodublvck’s wife? Odumodublvck is not married to any woman as of now. He is still single. Odumodublvck wants to learn how to cook so he can be cooking for his future wife when she is pregnant.


Odumodublvck’s net worth is $300m. The musician earns his income from his music, music videos on YouTube, stage performances, and others. Other sources claim Odumodublvck is worth more than $300m, while some sources claim he doesn’t earn up to $300m.


On December 8, 2022, Odumodublvck won the Next Rated Artist category at the Galaxy Music Awards. He was given a new Lexus IS 350 alongside the award.


What is Odumodublvck’s Instagram handle? Odumodublvck is on Instagram @Odumodublvck. You can also get across to him on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms at @Odumodublvck.


What is the name of the cap on Odumodublvck’s head?

It is the Igbo people’s cap called OKPU AGU, which means ‘The Warriors Hat.’ Odumodublvck said when he wears his OKPU AGU to the side, it means ‘everything is good’ or can also mean ‘he is rushing’ and when he wears it to the back, it means there is WAR. Odumodublvck said he always wears his OKPU AGU to the back because there is a war for him.

Why is Tochukwu being called Odumodublvck?

According to the musician, he said he is Odumodublvck today because, in his secondary, he did play a prank on someone which got the person scared, and then the person said he looks like ODUMODU. He said he got angry because Odumodu was a masquerade and people were laughing. Odumodublvck said back in secondary school, the names you don’t like are what stick.

Why is Odumodublvck in the Anti-world gangsters?

The whole Anti-world gangster came up when he and REEPLAY dropped a joint body of work in 2018. Blvck added that he named that tape/work ‘ANTIWORLDGANGSTARS’ because they are against the ways of the world even though they are sinners, but they have still agreed that they should not agree with what the new world says. Odumodu added that it’s what they see in the scripture that they want to be identified with. He said they are against the ANTI-CHRIST, that is, people who are against Christ, and they are also the anti-world, that is they are against the world. He added that they don’t hate those who are for the world, but they don’t just agree with their ways of life, especially WESTERNERS.

Why Odumodublvck is not doing his music in Lagos?

Odumodublvck said, “Here in Lagos, there are 10 fishes in Lagos and 100 fishermen, and in Abuja, there are 10 fishes and 5 fishermen, if you are a fisherman, where will you go?” This means that he finds the competition of Music in Lagos too toxic, than what is in Abuja.



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