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Tactical Analysis: Why Ferran Torres Is Very Crucial For Guardiola’s Manchester City.

Ferran Torres

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The acquisition of Ferran Torres by Manchester City has paid dividends so far as he is showing a huge sense of maturity despite his young age. While he would still have to polish some aspect of his like his dribbling in one vs one situation as well as his physicality, he is a player suited for Pep Guardiola’s style of football.

Ferran Torres is a player who likes to stay wide at first before drifting towards the goal. His movements are very unique and he has a very good pace. Players like Aguero and Jesus can create space by drifting a little deeper which would allow Ferran Torres to run into the space that has been vacated. Quick passes, sharp and unpredictable movement, fast change of pace, and direction are all elements of Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and Torres fits well into his philosophy.

Ferran Torres

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With Aguero and Jesus injured earlier this season, Ferran Torres was played as a no.9 and he received praise from Pep Guardiola even though it was not his natural position. He even scored some goals playing there. This shows that he has a deep understanding of the game despite being very young.

He is also good at dropping back to lure the opposition wing-back and central defender. He can be used as a means of creating for others as his game is also massively involved in making and creating plays. With more minutes, he could prove his worth further and perhaps become one of the best players in the world.

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