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Why Erling Haaland Is Sought After By Many Clubs In Europe

Why Erling Haaland Is Sought After By Many Clubs In Europe

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By now, many football fans must have been familiar with the name Erling Braut Haaland. The Norwegian has impressed very much in the past few seasons and has been scoring goals in the Champions League. Rumors have been going around on the club that the Norwegian international would move to but Borussia Dortmund has insisted that Haaland would remain at the club.

Haaland is very special because of his complete skillsets. He is someone who can be called a complete striker because of the way he moves, turns, and scores his goals. Haaland is someone who knows how to read the opposition defense very well and this puts him in advantageous positions.

The Norwegian knows how to detect spaces very well as he usually concentrates on the position of the defender. At Borussia Dortmund, when creative players like Sancho, Reus, or Reyna are with the ball, Haaland knows that the defenders would want to dispossess them as quickly as possible because of the danger they can cause.

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Why Erling Haaland Is Sought After By Many Clubs In Europe

However, the moment a defender moves forward to press for the ball, Haaland immediately detects the space, no matter how little it may be, as he can score even when the angle is tight.

The method in which Haaland positions himself around the defender is brilliant as he likes to hide in the blind side of the defender or behind him. He favors running into the half-spaces on the left-wing more but he is a predator and can detect spaces wherever either in or around the penalty box.

Haaland is also very good when it comes to finishing as he takes a lot of shots which has a high probability of being on target. His physique is also a very impressive feature of the Norwegian. He uses this to his advantage in making layoffs and bullying defenders. It is almost impossible to go into a body contest with the Norwegian as he often wins most of his duels.



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