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What Makes Mason Mount Very Important At Chelsea

What Makes Mason Mount Very Important At Chelsea

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Mason Mount is one of the young prospects in football today as he has been incredible especially season both at the club and international level. With Mason Mount, coaches and fans tend to think differently. Some fans have refused to rate the England international as they see him as one with no unique skillset but the coaches that Mount has played under have cherished him.

Many of us must have been aware of the love story between Mason Mount and former Chelsea manager Frank Lampard. Many believed that the moment Lampard left the club, he would be discarded by the new coach. This has not been the case under the tutelage of new head coach Thomas Tuchel as the English international has gained his trust and is now an integral piece in Tuchel’s tactics and lineups.

What Makes Mason Mount Very Important At Chelsea

England’s coach Gareth Southgate has also given Mason Mount enough game time in the English national team despite the presence of other midfielders like Jack Grealish. Grealish has been impeccable for Aston Villa but his being snubbed in the English national team ahead of Mason Mount shows how coaches value the youngster, a sharp contrast to the fan’s understanding.

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If there is only one thing that makes Mason Mount favored by his coaches, it is his work rate. Mount covers a lot of space both defensively and offensively and the balance at which he does it is brilliant. Even when Mount is asked to play in a higher position, he balances it very well with his defensive ability, making tackles and winning the ball all over the field. This is perhaps why he is favored over Grealish in the national team. While Grealish’s playmaking abilities are very brilliant, he doesn’t track back and recover the ball or make defensive contributions as much as Mount does.

Former Chelsea coach Frank Lampard, after a game against Tottenham, told BT Sport;
“I hope Mason’s performance gets digested properly today. A lot of people talk about Mason, they look at his goals. The work rate and sharpness in his game today were unbelievable.”

What Makes Mason Mount Very Important At Chelsea

Mount is also incredible because of his playmaking abilities. He knows very well how to find those pockets of spaces and put players through. Around the box, he is very dangerous as he makes it easier for his teammates especially the wingers to find themselves in one-on-one situations. Mount knows how to link up the midfield to the attack and it gets better because he can also get inside the box and act as a goalscoring threat on his own.



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