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“A True Generational Talent” What Makes Bukayo Saka Very Special

"A True Generational Talent" What Makes Bukayo Saka Very Special

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Bukayo Saka is one of the players you see and would instantly believe that he must be truly special. The 19-year-old winger is a combination of sheer talent, tenacity, and maturity. His attitude is very incredible as you can see how much he wants to enjoy his football. It’s very easy to tell that Saka is much ahead of his age.

Perhaps the major quality that makes Saka stand out is his versatility. Despite his natural position being as a right-winger, he can play in many positions across the field. Having excelled as a left-back, he has played as a left-winger, right-back, and even on the left of a midfield three.

"A True Generational Talent" What Makes Bukayo Saka Very Special

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Mikel Arteta recognizes how talented he is and is doing a good job of utilizing his talents. It would be an understatement to limit his versatility only in terms of his position on the field as he is also versatile in terms of the range of his ability.

He can defend, attack, play in tight spaces, execute timely tackles, trackback efficiently, dribble past players, shoot on goal, combine well with his teammates, execute his vision. He is simply just too brilliant and one can only notice his talent. Even when Arsenal are not having the desired result as they have slumped to many oppositions this season, but Saka still manages to show how promising he is.

"A True Generational Talent" What Makes Bukayo Saka Very Special

While playing at the left-back position, he excelled brilliantly because he has incredible dribbling skills and can create a lot of space for the midfielders and attackers. Although Xhaka would usually cover for Saka when he played as a left-back, Saka still displayed excellent ability to defend in one-on-one situations, a quality that is very important for a full-back. He has excellent timing in his tackles and his physique is considerably good. It is clear that Saka is a generational talent and could become one of the best players in the EPL.


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