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Did Kiddwaya Kissed Kaisha? More Information Erupts On This Issue As Kaisha And Kiddwaya Clears The Air

Did Kiddwaya Kissed Kaisha? More Information Erupts On This Issue As Kaisha And Kiddwaya Clears The Air

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From the evening of Saturday, Kiddwaya and Kaisha have been trending on social media as fans accused Kiddwaya of Kissing Kaisha. Now the question is Did Kiddwaya Kissed Kaisha? The answer to this question is not sure as different information erupts from different sides.

With this, Kiddwaya and Kaisha have reacted to this information of them kissing each other as they claim it’s a piece of false information. The trend of this whole kissing issue between Kiddwaya and Kaisha began when Kaisha shared a video on social media of Kiddwaya pouring water into her mouth.

In that video, people taught it was a kiss as Kiddwaya went closer as he was trying to kiss Kaisha and it ended there.

As at midnight on Saturday (yesterday), Kiddwaya reacted to this issue on his Twitter page. He tweeted in his words, “False story. Goodnight.”

Kiddwaya has just reacted again to the issue, but let’s first see how Kaisha reacted.

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Kaisha took to her Instagram story on Sunday morning explaining the whole issue. She then shared a longer video to reveal a piece of evidence that she and Kaisha didn’t kiss each other.

She then wrote in her words,

So I woke up to ‘Kidd kissed Kaisha last night,’ How??? Oh yes, I had too much drink at Praise’s birthday Party last night and I don’t remember kissing Kidd, so where’s this coming from? Kidd’s ritual of pouring drinks into our mouths is not new and we all know how playful he is.

Kidd is like a brother to me and I have never imagined Kissing Kidd! Never!!! It’s my fault that I was careless last night, I had too much to drink. My carelessness pushed a negative narrative about Kidd and I. Sincerely, I apologize for that.”

With this, Kiddwaya has just reacted to this whole issue making another tweet explaining all that happened last Saturday night. In the tweet Kiddwaya shared, he explained he had a conversation with someone he allegedly called ‘Bobo.’

In his words, he said,

Kidd: Bobo omo thank God the full video came out o. Kaisha was right when she said she will put me in trouble sha.

“Bobo: Good for you, next time you will not play that kind of rough play.

Finally, Kiddwaya and Kaisha seem to be rejecting the claims by fans that they really Kissed They have made their own claims that they didn’t kiss, and Kaisha has shared the evidence that shows they didn’t actually kiss.

How do you react to this kind of Situation?


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