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“This Stingy Women Association Is What Is Called Prostitution” – Reno Omokri Throws Shades.

"This Stingy Women's Association Is What Is Called Prostitution" - Reno Omokri Throws Shades.

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In recent times, there has been a trending thing online about the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria and The Stingy Women Association of Nigeria. It wasn’t just only invented, but some popular figures online are now being given ID Cards of this association.

With that, Reno Omokri has addressed an issue of the Stingy Women Association of Nigeria. He explained the fact it is prostitution for Slay queens to say if men don’t give them money, they would close their legs.

This Stingy Women Association, where slay queens say if men, who are not married to them, don’t give them money, they will close their legs is a proof of what I have been teaching all these years. That is PROSTITUTION. Let us not sugar coat truth!

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In conclusion, Reno is trying to address this issue so that this Stingy Women Association won’t energize prostitution in Nigeria. What are your thoughts on this? Please drop your comments below.


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