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“Your Opinions Cannot Change Me” – Rosaline Meurer Deeply Narrates The Issue Between Herself And Churchill (Full Video, Detailed)

"Your Opinions Cannot Change Me" - Rosaline Meurer Deeply Narrates The Issue Between Herself And Churchill (Full Video, Detailed)

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In recent times, the whole issue of fans blasting Rosaline Meurer who is the current wife of Mr. Churchill months after Mr. Churchill and Tonto Dikeh got divorced seems to be getting tough. With that, Rosaline Meurer has had no option other than to come out and defend herself concerning these whole ongoing issues.

Fans seem to be blasting Rosaline Meurer for snatching Tonto Dikeh‘s alleged former Ex-Husband. This has gotten Rosaline to drop some set of videos on her Instagram page explaining the whole issue. The transcript and the video of all Rosaline Meurer said are all in this update.

In the video Rosaline Meurer dropped, she cleared the air on being the Personal Assistant of Mr. Churchill. She said she was never the personal assistant of Mr. Churchill. Rosaline continued saying that Churchill had a personal assistant though, but it wasn’t her.

Rosaline also claimed that she doesn’t know any of Churchill’s exes. She said she only met one and Churchill introduced her to herself and her siblings. Rosaline still kept on claiming that Churchill is like a brother to her, which means she’s like a family to her.

Rosaline also said she was never attracted to Churchill, but she never knew if Churchill was kind of attracted to her. Rosaline then continued claiming that Mr. Churchill’s failed marriage has nothing to do with her. She also said that after the divorce, Churchill was never the person he used to be as he was also down, frustrated, and more.

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In Rosaline Meurer’s words, she said,

"Your Opinions Cannot Change Me" - Rosaline Meurer Deeply Narrates The Issue Between Herself And Churchill (Full Video, Detailed)

Firstly, I was never ever a personal assistant to Mr, Churchill. He did have a personal assistant but her name was never Rosaline Meurer.

Secondly, I Rosaline Meurer have never ever been friends with any of Mr. Churchill’s exes not to talk of being best friends with any of them. I have never met with any of his exes except one which was on a mere acquaintance. Mr. Churchill introduced my siblings and me to her as his family and asides from that day we have no personal relationship or connection. That was the only day that we were in the same space together.

Moving on, I did say Mr. Churchill was like a brother to me, but he’s not my blood and my mother didn’t give birth to him. Mr. Churchill and I, don’t share the same father. That statement he is like a brother to me simply means he is my family. Mr. Churchill has always been there for my family and me and it has always been that way.

“I was never attracted to him. He might have been attracted to me, who knows? That’s not something I have control over. I always in a relationship, I was happy. The relationship went sour due to the mental online due to some accusations that were made. I moved on. Life goes on.

Mr. Churchill’s failed marriage has nothing to do with me. The same way you guys read online that I was the reason for his broken marriage is the same way I read online that I was the reason for his broken marriage.

Before then I never knew that the relationship I had with him before he got married was a problem after he got married. I didn’t get the memo. No one confronted me. I was never aware of such. Whatever it is that happened in his marriage, I had no knowledge of at all. The same way you guys read online what happened was how I read online what happened.

I knew him. Why would I wait for him to get married and start playing hide and seek? It doesn’t make sense!

“At the time Mr. Churchill got married, things were still the same. He was still there for my family and me. He took my siblings and me out, we would invite friends (male and female). He never had a problem with it. We would have so much fun and then, when it was time to work, we would work. I am not a lazy youth.

I have goals, I have aims, I have ambitions. I have things that I want to achieve in life. Mr. Churchill made that possible for me. He exposed me to a lot of opportunities and I am forever grateful.

So when it came to work, it was always working, you will see our places and that’s because throughout me going around with him, his foundation, and other stuff, I was learning the process. It had nothing to do with intimacy. It had nothing to do with me following him because I liked him. I did like him, but as I said, like a brother, like a family.

After his marriage crisis and after he got divorced, I was still there. I never left and why would accusations and people talking make me leave to where? I never left, I never abandoned him. Obviously, he was a different person. Not much fun.

Not the former Mr. Churchill that we used to know. You would see that he was just off, devastated, broken, frustrated. His mind was never there. Obviously, you could tell that he has gone off his mind, but I mean, it was what it was.

Gradually, days passed, months passed, years passed, life took its cause. Destiny happened, so what I was accused of became my reality and my faith. I mean what would be. You cannot change it, you cannot force it. I am not God. It just happened. I let God’s will take place in my life. I never forced myself on him. It just happened that he became a lifetime partner and I just need you guys to ear that every man is with his schedule.

One man’s cause is another man’s blessing. Life happens. I know you guys have your own opinions which you are definitely entitled to but I just want you guys to know that your opinions don’t change me. They don’t change anything in me. They don’t take God’s will in my life, they don’t take away my glory. I am always going to remain. So you guys should just remain positive. Your own blessings and happiness would definitely locate you guys.”

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Finally, Rosaline Meurer has said it all and she has revealed how she allegedly legitimately got married to Mr. Churchill.

How do you think about this whole issue between Mr. Churchill and Rosaline Meurer against fans? What do you think is Tonto Dikeh’s next line of action?



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