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Ric Hassani And Jemima Osunde Discloses The Kind Of Relationship They Are Into

Ric Hassani And Jemima Osunde Discloses The Kind Of Relationship They Are Into

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Popular Nigerian Musician & Songwriter Ric Hassani And Popular Nigerian Actress & Model Jemima Osunde have disclosed the type of relationship they are into. They have now let the fans know the main thing that’s going on between themselves.

They revealed it on their own official social media page in recent times. The Lagos-born Actress Jemima Osunde first revealed this back on April 2, 2020, when Ric shared two good-looking photos of himself on Twitter. Ric revealed that he’s in America and he claims America fits him. Jemima Osunde who hails from Edo State then quote retweeted what he shared and she wrote, ‘Ric, even though you snapped these selfies like my dad’s age mate, I can still marry you.’

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Today, The 32-year-old Ric Hassani has now revealed that he’s on a date/toasting the 24-year-old Actress Jemima Osunde. He revealed this when a tweeter user identified as Kaila Walter tweeted to Ric Hassani saying, ‘Hey Ric, I honestly do like you and I want to take us on a date. You good?’ On that all, Ric replied saying that he is toasting Jemima at the moment.

Finally, on this, Ric Hassani and Jemima Osunde seem to have revealed that they are currently loving each other and they are now in a relationship.

What are your thoughts on the combination of Jemima Osunde and Ric Hassani?



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