“Multiple Republican Senators Have Called To Congratulate Me On My Election Win”- Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and the US

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The fact that Joe Biden is the President-Elect of the US Election is one thing, but the fact that Republican Senators have congratulated Joe Biden is another thing. In the US, there are two major political parties which is the Democratic and Republican party. Donald Trump is from the Republican Party and Joe Biden is from the Democratic Party, and it’s looking like War between these two parties.

With that, Joe Biden has spoken to CNN and has said something to them. CNN tweeted this today.

President-elect Joe Biden says multiple Republican senators have called to congratulate him on his election win.

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In conclusion, the hope of Donald Trump seems to be lost because some of his own party members (Republican Party Members) are now congratulating who Donald Trump is fighting against. What do you think of this? Please let us know below.



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