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“How The Mighty Has Fallen,” Real Madrid Loss To Shakhtar Donetsk

Real Madrid Loss

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Real Madrid Loss

Real Madrid has lost again to Shakhtar Donetsk and Real Madrid may as well be on their way out of the champions league. However, this was not a sudden fall as it started right from last season.

Unlike clubs like Bayern Munich and Liverpool who won the Champions League because of how lethal they were, the Los Blancos were not as invisible as everyone probably thought. They had moments where they were cohesive, but they won the league majorly because of their defense.

Having defense-minded players such as Sergio Ramos, Casemiro, and Ferland Mendy ensured that they had a very balanced defense strategy but their plan going on the attack was always found wanting. They relied on organized pressing and a rigid defense to win their matches but they did not have a defined way of carrying the ball into the attack and scoring goals.

This is something they would have to sort out as time goes on but just like every other team, there are always good days and bad days. Real Madrid would also have to do better in the transfer market as it is obvious that they relaxed way too much in the summer transfer window.

Players like Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, Raphael Varane, and even Sergio Ramos would have to be gradually replaced from the starting lineup. A breath of fresh air is highly needed at Real Madrid.

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