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Marriage Counsellor, Okoro Blessing Shares A Naked Of Herself As She Later Reveals The Secret Behind The So-Called Naked (Her Message To Men And Women)

Marriage Counsellor, Okoro Blessing Shares A Naked Of Herself As She Later Reveals The Secret Behind The So-Called Naked (Her Message To Men And Women)

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The thinking capacity of Nigerian men and women today seems to be in a different mood. Some men see a woman and they begin to picture the naked body of that woman.

Today, Okoro Blessing Nkiruka has shared a photo on her Instagram page and this photo would surely make one think deeply.

Looking at the photo, it shows that she’s naked, but she later revealed that she wasn’t naked in that photo. She revealed a lot which she passed the message through her Instagram post. Read the story till the end as seen below and you’ll be shocked as a man and as a woman.

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Now, look at a picture like this!!!

It was a man that snapped it, he did his job professionally, he did not have an erection or feel uncomfortable, it was just a normal shoot for him.

Let’s come out to the common loose sex-starved men in Africa

Now they see this picture, they scream, cover-up, you are naked, ashawo, you don’t have shame, and all that.

Do you know why they scream that way? It’s because, in their head, they have naked you. They have removed your towel with their eyes, press your breast, finger you, and penetrate you. Everything happens in their head at the sight of the picture.

Some use your pictures to masturbate and yet they have girlfriends and wives. What a shame.


Let’s go to the women who body shame, those once are a bunch of insecure people who are battling with something inside themselves. Most women who body shame are very ugly inside, so they can’t imagine that someone can show their imperfections and it looks better than their own perfection.

In this picture, I am completely clothed, anything you are seeing is your imagination and fantasy. In the old days of our fathers, girls walked around with just small wrappers across their breast and waist with beads, no pant ooo, and men had no erection or misbehaved. But look at these men, small flesh they are crying, cover-up, yet they can’t even cover their eyes.

If you say she is shameless to pen her body, you are shameless to open your own eyes, cover it too, or waka pass.

Go and have sex and stop disturbing us.

Nudity will always sell in Africa because our men are sex-starved. They are a bunch of hypocrites, so their hypocrisy won’t let them enjoy sexual intercourse.

As you’ve read her great word of advice and touching statements, what are your thoughts on this? Please drop your comments below.


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