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“My Husband Does Not Like Social Media” – Actress Nkechi Blessing Reveals She’s Married And Why She Kept It Secret

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Popular Nigerian curvy actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has revealed that she’s married and she has said the reasons why she choose to keep her marriage secret.

Nkechi Blessing also talked about her mother and she said it’s her greatest fear for her to loose her mother. Nkechi told Saturday Beats all this which we observed from The Punch.

Talking about her marriage and why she kept it secret, she said,

My marriage is the part of my life I wanted to be quiet about. I know that I have always been loud about all my relationships, but I also like and deserve privacy too. I only show people what I want them to see. It’s my marriage and everyone should not know who I am married to.

My husband does not like social media before some people bombard him with messages on social media looking for what is not lost. He does not even comment on my Instagram posts. I know I am a loud person, but even spiritually, it is advisable not to always have too much buzz around everything one does.”

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Nkechi then moved on revealing that she has given birth and she has a child when many fans know about. She said that at the time of her pregnancy, no one knew she was pregnant.

I gave birth and no one knew till they saw my child. Everything is possible as long as long as one has people who are not selling one out. It is one’s friend that often sells one out, and once one cuts that down, one’s secret would be save.

My husband knows what I can do and he is not bothered about gossips he reads online. He is what people call the ‘ginger partner.’ He knows the truth about me and that’s why I can be unapologetic of my actions. I think it’s important for one to marry an understanding partner.”

Then after, Nkechi Blessing was asked to say her fears and down moments. She then said her greatest fear is loosing her mum.

In course, I have fears and down moments. My greatest fear is losing my mum. I don’t ever want to loose her. In fact, if it’s possible to keep her for life, I will do that. I also do not have any insecurity. I am always confident in myself. I don’t entertain any insecurity. The only times things get to me is when false claims are peddled about me.

Most of the things that go viral about me are not true, but I always resist the urge to give a detailed explanation to defend myself. I also wonder why rumor mongers do not allow me to be. Why would people twist a story to entertain their audience?”

Finally, on this, Actress Nkechi Blessing has now revealed that she is married and has a child so the answer for the question is Actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday married is YES.



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