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Popular Comedian, Mr. Macaroni Shares More Of His BBNaija Experience Again As He Experienced This

Mr. Macaroni BBNaija Audition Experience

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Mr. Macaroni is known to be a Nigerian Comedian who has put a smile on the faces of millions of people both on the faces of people in Nigeria, and outside Nigeria. Today, Mr. Macaroni took to his social media pages.

The caption of the post on his Instagram page was

So about two years ago, February 1, 2019, I went for BBNaija Audition, and I shared my experience on my Facebook.

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Then the Instagram post he made was with four photos. The first one is the photo of the white native he wore on the day he went for the BBNaija audition, February 1, 2019. The other three photos were the screenshots of the story of his audition in BBNaija that he shared on his Facebook page.

From the screenshots as seen below of the story of Mr. Macaroni BBNaija Audition Experience, he explained that the Audition was a tough one indeed.

Mr. Macaroni BBNaija Audition ExperienceMr. Macaroni BBNaija Audition ExperienceMr. Macaroni BBNaija Audition ExperienceMr. Macaroni BBNaija Audition Experience

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From the story Mr. Macaroni just shared, he explained the fact he wanted to be heard by many and loved by many. He thought of the fact that the Big Brother Naija show is an opportunity for him to become famous and also get rich. He thought of it and decided to run the race no matter how hard. He got to the BBNaija audition place at around 4:01 AM, but the crowd was just too much and things got worsened as he forgot his International Passport which was a compulsory task. He analyzed the fact that there was a lot of pushing around, slapping, and beating amongst the huge crowd that was there because everyone wants to go into the center, and there was no Numbering of people, Ticket, or something else. There was also a lot of fainting, choking, stampede, and struggles there. But Mr. Macaroni said he kept telling himself, ‘You are here already, you must finish this, you can suffer for nothing.’

He then continued saying he finally entered which was a victory for him. He made known that the favorite shirt as seen in the photos were now brown due to the struggle and stress. He then later gave up and couldn’t continue the race. ‘However, my dear BBN, Never Again.’

In conclusion, this is the story of our dear Mr. Macaroni. What are your thoughts on this? What do you think the BBNaija audition of 2021 would be like? Please drop your comments below.


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