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Why Manchester City Must Keep Kevin de Bruyne At All Cost

Kevin de Bruyne

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Kevin de Bruyne needs little introduction as we already have an idea of what the Belgian is capable of doing. He has been very important for Pep Guardiola’s team and the play is always faster whenever he is on the pitch.

The Belgian talisman thinks a second or two ahead of his rival. He sees the full picture and knows where his teammates would arrive before they even make the run. He has special qualities and that is why Manchester City must not let him leave the club.

Kevin de Bruyne

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His ability to shoot from outside the box is also impeccable and this makes him lethal. The quality of his shots is very high and sometimes it is difficult to read if he would shoot or just make a pass since the opponent already knows that his shots are almost as dangerous as his passes.

While for Belgium, he plays a more advanced role as a no.10, his role is more diverse at Manchester City as he plays as a no.8 and sometimes as a no.10. He even drifts to combine with the wingers like Bernardo Silva, and Riyad Mahrez.

He could also drop to play more centrally as his incredible work rate makes him more special. With players like Kevin de Bruyne, football is more exciting and fun.

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