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“The First Time I Dressed Like A Woman Was When I Was Age 5, I Would Get Married To A Woman” – James Brown

"The First Time I Dressed Like A Was When I Was Age 5, I Would Get Married To A Woman" - James Brown

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In recent times, there has been a lot going on in the life of James Brown, who is known to be the Junior Crossdresser of Bobrisky. With that, James Brown has actually apologized to Bobrisky after he dropped some set of harsh words on him.

Now, James Brown has said something about himself today as we observed this from Yabaleftonline.ng (which Yabaleft observed from Punch).

James Brown explained the fact that he is a man and he would get married to a woman. He also explained that he is not a graduate and he is working hard to become one. He said in his words,

“I become more active on Social Media because I understand that Nigeria is tough and the only way I can help is by giving people pure entertainment. People call me all sorts of derogatory names, including GAY, HOMOSEXUAL and more, but they don’t get to me because I have a goal which is to help the poor. The only way I can do that is by making money through what I know how to do best. This is an adventure for me. I am not a graduate but I am working towards being one.”

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He then continued explaining the fact that he would always be a man and would get married to a woman. “Regardless of what I am doing, I would always be a man and eventually get married to a woman. I have always had an effeminate character. The first time I dressed like a girl was when I was five years old, and it was a cultural presentation. I cannot steal, engage in Internet fraud (Yahoo Yahoo), or do prostitution. I can only make people laugh. I am a man and this only an adventure that would end some day.”

In conclusion, James Brown has said it all that he would get married to a woman soon. He has a lot about himself as you can see above. What are your thoughts on this? Please drop your comments below.


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