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“A Brilliant Change,” How Jose Mourinho Is Transforming Tottenham

Jose Mourinho

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Tottenham has always been known for having a good fight in the league but they have not had what it takes to challenge for the league. Jose Mourinho has added balance and defensive stability to the team. The attack is also brilliant with the forwards having ease with locating each other.

They have a balanced system as they maintain a 4-4-1-1 shape when defending. This method helps them cut the opposition spaces between the lines. However, while they maintain this shape, they make sure that they keep Son in a little higher to have an outlet to counter-attack while Kane drops deep to form overloads in the midfield.

How Jose Mourinho Is Transforming Tottenham

Once the ball is intercepted, they seek to play it to Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg who immediately looks to play it to the wings, especially Son to create chances and drive towards goal. Mourinho has also taken advantage of the brilliance of Tanguy Ndombele.

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Ndombele offers Mourinho options to carry the ball into the opposition area. Ndombele offers the team a chance to break the opposition press by driving with brilliant aggression and pace, thereby bypassing the structure of the opposition mid-block and sending the ball to attacking outlets like Kane, Son, or even Bale.

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Ndombele also allows Tottenham to change to a sort of 4-2-3-1 formation in attack as he can make bursting runs into the box and create havoc for the opposition. They also look to add width through the likes of Sergio Reguilon and Matt Doherty. Although Tottenham has always posed a fight to win the title, this one looks different because they are currently one of the favorites to win the league.

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