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Why Emile Smith Rowe Is The Solution To Arsenal’s Creative Problems

Why Emile Smith Rowe Is The Solution To Arsenal's Creative Problems

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Many of us already know that Arsenal has existing defensive issues that have cost the club several times but another issue that Arsenal needs to address is their creative problems. Arsenal has lacked a player that can link the midfield to the attack.

Players like Thomas Partey, Dani Ceballos, Granit Xhaka, and Mohamed Elneny are very good players but none of them is adept at linking the midfield to the attack, attacking spaces in the opposition box, and locating attackers with extreme precision. The player that comes close is Dani Ceballos but he thrives more in deeper areas of the pitch.

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Why Emile Smith Rowe Is The Solution To Arsenal's Creative Problems

Emile Smith Rowe’s attribute on and off the ball is very brilliant as it is clear that he has qualities that go beyond his years. His decision making is brilliant and on the ball, he can make quick turns to escape the ball, engage in quick passing sequence, and his ball-carrying ability is incredible. He a very good body structure and he carry the ball with so much ease and often detects a pass. His ability to run with the ball often breaks the opposition’s pressing structure.

He is also impressive off the ball as he knows how to detect pockets of spaces within the opposition penalty area. He knows where to be and he arrives there timely. If Arteta can put a lot of trust in this young gem, he could become more prominent within a short time.


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