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Iyabo Ojo Tells Colleagues To Stop Supporting Baba Ijesha Rape Saga, Says “There’s No Excuse For Rape”

Iyabo Ojo Tells Colleagues To Stop Supporting Baba Ijesha Rape Saga, Says “There’s No Excuse For Rape”

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Famous Nigerian Nollywood Actress and Influencer, Iyabo Ojo has come out to tell her colleagues in the movie industry to stop support Baba Ijesha’s rape saga. She made known that she is not judging Baba Ijesha, but they shouldn’t support a pedophile.

She made this known in the latest video which she uploaded on her official Instagram page which we reposted on our official Instagram page as you can see the video below. She said people shouldn’t try to defend him.

She also said that people shouldn’t try to compare this case with Baba Suwe own saga.

There’s no excuse for rape, there’s no excuse for molestation, there’s no excuse. A  pedophile is a pedophile. He doesn’t need any excuse to rape.

I am not judging him yet. I am not calling him a pedophile yet, but I have heard the story. He molested a child and raped the child seven years ago as the child said. He was invited over, they set him up by putting on a camera, and eventually, he fell. Why did he fall?

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She told her fans angrily and colleagues not to ask for the video to be uploaded on the internet. She said no one would want his/her child’s molested video to be shared worldwide.

Please stop comparing Baba Suwe’s case to this case, it’s two different things.

I gave birth to a male child named Festus and I have many male children I am taking care of. If they do it, they would face the consequence,” she said in the Yoruba Language.

If Priscilla, my female child does that, she would face the consequence. If I myself do that, I would face the consequence.

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Pedophiles are not normal people and you must learn to take them off the street. A lot of people are leaving with mental health because of situations like this. I would stand with the truth because I am a mother.”



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