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#EndSARS Protest Seems To Be Back Again As Tension Rises On The Death Of David Ntekim-Rex.

#EndSARS Protest Is Back Again As Tension Rises On The Death Of David Ntekim-Rex

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A lot of things have been going on in recent times and one of the trending issues is the death of a Nigerian citizen whose name is David.

The Nigerian 22-year-old citizen in Nigeria’s full name is David Ntekim-Rex. He is known to be a Tech entrepreneur in Lagos. He was one of the two Nigerians that won at the annual Master the Mainframe competition organized by AngelHack, a global hackathon company, and the IBM Z Academic Initiative back in March  2018.

With that, there were reports that David was shot with a gun by some robbers in the Jibowu Axis of Yaba area, but reports still claimed he was not dead as at the time he was shot. The death of David Ntekim-Rex has caused a lot of reactions on Social Media.

With that, a lot of people have reacted to this issue and one of them is the Co-founder of an immigration tech firm whose name is Tunde Omotoye.

Tunde Omotoye claimed David was recently employed to head a unit of his company before his death. Tunde Omotoye revealed this in one of his latest tweets.

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Tunde Omotoye recently tweeted saying,

“This is so sad and I am actually speechless. I got introduced to David just on Tuesday. He joined a startup team I belong to as Head, Product Design.

The system has indeed failed David. It has failed him and his family totally. I pray his family finds the strength of his loss”

A Twitter user has now explained some things to be known about David’s death. The Twitter user with the name “Roy Mustang and the Username “Magnanimous_”

Mustang seems to be probably one of David’s family members as he seems to know a lot about the whole issue from his series of tweets which you can head to Roy Mustang’s Twitter page to see the series of tweets.

Mustang revealed that David was on his way coming back from work when he was shot by robbers.

“The Nigerian police stood and watched as he gasped for air. They took pictures instead, and were more concerned with why he ‘a tech guy’ was carrying a laptop.”

“David was taken to the military hospital around the area, the nurses ignored him. The doctor came around kept asking who they all were. It took a senior nurse to come out and start checking for a pulse. David lost a lot of blood at this point”

“The police then took David and his family to Sabo where they looked for the laptop that he had on him instead of giving them a police report. He was finally released to his family, and they got to LUTH around 12:30 am.”

“David wasn’t attended to by the Doctors at LUTH. He was there till the family was convinced he couldn’t be alive because he had no pulse. The doctors refused to administer any test to see if he was alive.”

With this that Mustang has said in the coats above, it shows that the health sector, Security, and Emergency operations of this country is totally poor and needs to be reformed. This is three days after David’s death and nothing has been done to this. No justice has been done this.

With this, the #EndSARS protest is back as it has started on Social Media and Nigerians hope this time, it remains peaceful with no hijacking by hoodlums anymore. Though, the protest is still on social media as it’s a #1 Trending Topic on Twitter.

What are your thoughts on this? Please drop your comments below.

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