Tension Rises As Boko Haram Attacks Four Villages In Borno State, Keeps Shooting (Detailed Information).

Boko Haram attacks Borno State again

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It’s happening again in Borno State as Boko Haram releases a fresh attack on citizens there. Reports are even saying that some residents have run out of their homes for the safety of their lives.

Reports from some local sources in Borno State made known that the attack began at 9 pm on Saturday evening (Today evening).

This information is from Channels Television as some eyewitnesses told Channels that the Boko Haram men came in with at least 10 Toyota Hilux vans. Eyewitnesses also told Channels TV that these Boko Haram men were seen around Mandara Dirau at about 1 pm.

Currently, the Armed Gunmen (Boko Haram) seems to have not yet been challenged by Armed Forces in the Nigerian Army. The four villages which they seem to be attacking are, Debiro, Tirgitu, Shaffa, Tashan Alade. In these places, the armed men seem to be shooting continuously as they are setting houses on fire and looting food items. And these villages which are under attack are under Hawul and Shaffa Local Government Area in Borno State.

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In conclusion, this seems to be heartbreaking as Boko Haram are continuing their attacks. We’ll try to continue updating you as we get more information on this. What do you think about this? Please drop your comments In the comment section below.


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