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“BBNaija made me come out of my shell” – Dorathy Says As She Talks About Her Struggle To Get A Perfect Bra

“BBNaija made me come out of my shell” – Dorathy Says As She Talks About Her Struggle To Get A Perfect Bra

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Former BBNaija housemate and first runner of BBNaija lockdown, Dorathy Bachor has said that BBNaija made her come out of her shell. Dorathy has also talked about the difficulty she has been having in choosing the perfect bra for herself.

BBNaija Dorathy was in an interview on an Instagram Live Chat with Ubi Franklin who is a Showbiz Personality. Dorathy also said that she’s a private person and her gates earing people’s opinion.

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She said in her words,

I am a private person. I hate my public opinion. The words, ‘That’s my opinion,’ annoys me because I am not someone that would sit down and want to have an opinion about other people’s lives. That was why I stayed in my shell.

However, that did not pay my shell, that did not pay my bills and it did not put food on my table either. But, Big Brother Naija made me come out of my shell.

When I came out of the house, I was blank. However, I took the time to study my fans. I tried to understand what they liked about me. I found out it was more of my confidence. I wanted to do fashion, but I realized that many people were already doing that. So, I decided to do something unique that I can relate to.”

Dorathy then talked about her struggle to get a perfect bra for herself as she recently started her own Lingerie brand. She said, “I know the struggles of not being able to get perfect underwear or bra. The businesses I do are those I can relate to and have a passion for.”

Finally, on this, BBNaija Dorathy has said that it’s she struggles to get the perfect sized bra for herself and she also made known that the BBNaija Programme has made her come out of her shell.

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