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Analyzing Timo Werner’s Poor Start To Life At Chelsea

Analyzing Timo Werner's Poor Start To Life At Chelsea

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If there is one player who is feeling all of the pressure of playing at the top flight of English football, then that player must be Timo Werner. The German international has no had it easy at all in the Premier League as he admitted himself that life in the Premier League is very different to the one he was used to in Germany. The defenders in England tackle much harder and bully inexperienced strikers. The Former Leipzig hitman has found the defenders tougher and much more physical and it takes time to adapt to these sudden changes.

The truth is that most of the criticism centered towards the German international is correct and justifiable. You can’t be bought for £47.5 million and be missing big chances for almost every game. There is no need justifying Werner missing clear opportunities to score as he bears the fault for that one. Werner’s performance is not a question of talent but more of the mental side. It is evident that Werner has been working very hard, and showing glimpses of this talent but until the goals start to pour in, he would remain in the dark.

Analyzing Timo Werner's Poor Start To Life At Chelsea

It is good that Frank Lampard has also been given him the necessary encouragement and started him continuously in games despite his poor form. Werner would only get better with more game time and you get the feeling that it takes only a couple of goals and an excellent performance for him to be back on form.

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Also, Werner has been played on the left-wing for most of the league campaign and this has not brought the best out of the German international. Though his pace and physicality seem enough for that role, he doesn’t have the trickery and dribbling capacity to play in that position.

Analyzing Timo Werner's Poor Start To Life At Chelsea

This is why Lampard has to choose between having Timo Werner or Tammy Abraham in the no. 9 position. The competition for places in the Chelsea attack makes it more complicated for Werner but with more time, he could yield a lot of good for Chelsea. It’s time for him to put this situation behind him and start proving his worth.


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