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“Andrea Pirlo With A Rough Start,” Analyzing Andrea Pirlo’s Tactics With Juventus.

Andrea Pirlo

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Andrea Pirlo has had a somewhat slow start with Juventus this season as they are behind table-toppers, AC Milan, and would have to start picking up more points to reclaim their stance as League winners.

Juventus under Pirlo wants to play with a sense of coordination and coherence and we must have seen glimpses of their good play this season. However, they have had serious issues and some things would have to be sorted out. Pirlo has stressed the need for a clean build-up. They look to build up by forming a rhombus to achieve a free man who would facilitate play into the wings.

Andrea Pirlo

Pirlo adopts a methodical build-up he uses a 3-2-5 structure when advancing the play from behind as players like Juan Cuadrado and Federico Chiesa are used to achieve width. They then tuck in a central player that would play behind the opposition midfield and two interiors who would tuck in between the lines.

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By doing that, they give a lot of options to the ball carrier and space to advance. They form a rhombus structure in buildup by having three defenders followed by two midfielders who would create an interchange of passes. This is to aim at a free man or an extra man because he would be difficult to track by the opposition.

Pirlo also wants his attack to be executed in numbers as he believes in causing havoc in the opposition area through constant runs to create space or get on the end of a constructed pass. This is why he likes to have players like Alvaro Morata and Cristiano Ronaldo in the opposition box. He knows these are players that can unsettle defenses but he uses players like Chiesa or Cuadrado to keep the width. Pirlo’s start may not be the best one but with time it would show that he is building something exciting.

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